• My work as a Notary Public

I am a specialist lawyer whose main business is to prepare, attest, authenticate and certify deeds and other documents, for use outside England and Wales. I am uniquely empowered to certify that a document or instrument signed before me has been properly executed and is legally valid under English law. I act independently of the parties to the transaction and my prime responsibility is to ensure that my notarial act is acceptable as proof of the matter attested by me, to the judicial, or other public authorities in the country where the document or instrument is to be used. That being the case, it is safe to say that I place the interests of the transaction first, that of the parties second and both before his own.

  • The Main Tasks Undertaken:

I will be able to assist you in any of the following matters:

    1. Signing a power of attorney in the presence of a notary public

    2. Signing a document that is a deed in front of a notary;

    3. Certification of Copy Documents;

    4. Signing an acknowledgment in front of a notary public;

    5. Administering statutory declarations, oaths and affidavits;

    6. Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (sometimes called ‘obtaining an ‘apostille’) and for consular legalisation when necessary from the relevant embassy/consulate;

    7. Certifying copies of academic qualifications, passports and other documents;

    8. Deed Polls/Change of Name;

    9. Documents for foreign adoption applications;

    10. Certifying documents relating to companies registered at Companies House or in foreign commercial registers;

    11. Have a translation certified by a Notary;

    12. Sponsorship documents;

    13.  Affidavits confirming freedom to marry

    14. Any other documents for abroad, which require a notary stamp

 Abess Taqi ® 2020

Dr. Abess A.N. Taqi LLB (Hons.), M.A. PhD ® 2020
Imperial House, 64 Willoughby Lane London N17 0SP
Tel.020 8885 3999  Fax.020 8885 4114  Email. notary@abesstaqi.com